Warm weather, fresh air - time to get outside and get moving. Hy3 FLIPTOP COOLSIP Tritan? bottles are your companions for an active day. The GRAB-N-GO is perfect for a comfortable grip in a stylish shape that is right for the whole family. The SPORT gives you more capacity with the same TritanTM advantages. Both bottles feature the convenient FLIPTOP COOLSIP lid - one-finger operation to unlock and open, drinking straw that automatically pops into place, easy to clean mechanism. Healthy hydration for your active life -Hy3!

Safe food storage and stylish convenience are two of the reasons our customers rely on Elemental Kitchen. Our BIG METAL storage jars combine the safety and strength of stainless-steel with the innovation of a transparent lid. Air-tight vacuum jars offer the ultimate in safe and long-lasting storage, and our KAY PRESS delivers that safety with a fun and easy mechanism, along with color and size choices. For more stainless-steel options, our DOUBLESPICE saves space in the kitchen by combining two seasonings in one jar. And for home, commute or office, the EVERYDAY is simple, quick and good-looking, all together in a safe and sealable beverage glass with several available filter attachments.

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The GRAB-N-GO is perfect for holding in your hand during your morning or evening run. With the FLIPTOP CS lid, there's no need to break stride and lose your focus. Push the button and the lid flips up. The spring-assisted CoolSip (CS) drinking straw pops into place. Take a drink and keep your eyes on the road.
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When you need to stay focused, don't raise a bottle into your line of sight. With the Hy3 FLIPTOP CS SPORT, push the button and the lid flips open. The spring-assisted CoolSip(CS) drinking straw pops into place. Look ahead and take a long drink.
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Stainless-steel won't break, and it won't flavor your food. These stylish jars add good looks to your choice, and the practical lid lets you measure just what you need. Lift the sealing lid, then slide the tab to control the dispensing speed and amount.
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Air is the enemy of food storage. The KAY PRESS has an easy answer: Put on the lid, pump the large button. The air is drawn out, creating a vacuum that keeps your food fresh for many days longer than a typical storage jar. A high-quality silicone seal keeps the air out, and one push on the small button releases the vacuum so you can open the jar. Three sizes available, and a choice of colors, make the KAY PRESS a perfect choice for your kitchen.
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Twice the spice in half the space! With the DOUBLESPICE, you can choose which seasonings to pair most conveniently. Salt & pepper, cinnamon & sugar, you name it. Each side has the same 3-choice openings, revealed with a flick of the lid.
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Simple, quick, multi-use -- EVERYDAY is great for home, commute, or in the office. The strainer in the lid means you can make a quick fruit infusion drink, or you can attach a stainless-steel filter screen. The large rubber grip / natural cork lets you enjoy a hot drink in comfort. A quick flip opens the lid, and a snap seals the opening.
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