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Elements for better living
The fresh flavors of healthy food are one of life's great pleasures. Elemental Kitchen has specialized in the best food storage solutions for many years. Our experience and innovation ensure that every storage solution aims at one goal - enhancing the pleasure of healthy eating. Look to Elemental Kitchen to handle your stylish kitchen storage needs.
New Products
Our new RINGTOP Storage Jars do more than just store your food items safely and cleanly. The screwtop lid is also a measuring cup with accurate ¼, ½, ¾,and 1 cup measurements printed clearly on the side.The ring on the lid lets you hold it securely while you measure.
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Perfect for a cabinet or a drawer, the BIG EYE jar has a surprise - you don't have to look too close because the top is a magnifier. Not only can you see what's left, but you can see it very clearly. The lid's other feature is a textured easy-grip surface that makes opening a snap.
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Lightweight and durable plastic is the best choice for some kitchens. These stylish jars in four sizes add good looks to your choice,and the practical lid lets you measure just what you need. Lift the sealing lid, then slide the tab to control the dispensing speed and amount.
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Air is the enemy of food storage. The KAY PRESS has an easy answer: Put on the lid,push down the button. The air escapes, and your food stays fresh longer. A high-quality silicone seal keeps the air out. Large and medium sizes, and a choice of colors, make the KAY PRESS a perfect choice for your kitchen.
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