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Fall Colors, Rich Flavors
Autumn changes everything. The heat of summer calms and cools, the leaves brighten, the air is crisp. We think of cinnamon, spice, pumpkin, family. We prepare to warm nights around a fireplace. Delicious tea and coffee warm the cup in our hands.

Cold or hot, iced or fresh brewed, spiced and flavored tea and coffee will enhance your autumn. And Elemental Kitchen will enhance the memory with the best tea and coffee makers available.

The Tea Genius lets you brew the flavor you want. Add a cinnamon stick or pumpkin spice to the brewing basket, or use your favorite flavored tea. You can even place a scented candle in the stainless steel warmer.

Make your autumn coffee the night before with the All-In-One Serving Carafe or Cold Brew Plus. Add a fall flavor to the brewing basket, and next day heat your coffee or serve it cold. Your guests will appreciate the smooth flavor and thoughtfulness.

Autumn changes everything. Let Elemental Kitchen enhance fall colors and rich flavors for you and your guests.

Whatever tea you want, however you want it, THE TEA GENIUS can do it. This amazing design is perfect for cold tea or hot, and even has a unique type of non-drip SmartBase® to keep your table dry. For iced tea, use the two-stage brewing cup so your tea is not only fresh but also cold. First, fill the tea pot half full of ice. Then, place tea leaves or bags in the twopart filter. After the tea has steeped just the right amount, lift the inside part slightly so the tea can pour into the ice, giving you instant cold tea. For hot tea, remove the outer part and place tea in the filter screen. Fill the pot with hot water. You can place it on the stainless steel warmer to maintain the temperature and the conversation. Ingenius!

Our new ALL-IN-ONE serving carafe has so many features, we’re not sure where to start. So let’s start at the top. Pull up on the cube-shaped handle, and the bottle unseals. You can pour from any direction. Push the cube down, and the bottle won’t leak. If you want a quickly-cooled drink, add the Ice Pearls. Do you like cold brew coffee? Use the brewing filter, and next morning you have a delicious beverage. Condensation from cold beverages can drip on your table. But the ALL-IN-ONE has a new SmartBase® that keeps your table dry. It’s an ALL-IN-ONE solution!

Cold brew coffee is great, and more is even better. The COLD BREW PLUS makes enough coffee concentrate for several days or several guests, and the bonus filter compartment can hold more coffee, sugar, cinnamon, or your own flavor idea. Plus, you get what you've come to expect from ElementalKitchen - an elegant blend of design and function.
   New Catalogue 2017
Our new catalog includes more than 900 products and 100 new designs. Our top-quality and elegant creations are distributed throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and other continents. We are the ultimate source for kitchenware and glassware products.
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