Dear Customers,

As you have heard, China is currently battling a novel coronavirus infection.

The epidemic started from Wuhan City in early January. It then spread to some other parts of China, but it has not been as serious as in Wuhan.

To control the situation, our government is actively taking the most powerful measures.

• We have sent thousands of experienced doctors and nurses to Wuhan to enhance the city’s medical capabilities.
• Two new special hospitals with more than 2,000 beds were built in Wuhan within two weeks. They are now ready and in operation to treat patients.
• People have been encouraged to cancel travel plans during the holiday and stay at home to cut off the possibility of spreading infection.
• Anyone traveling from one city to another will have a body temperature measurement at the entrance and exit of the train station/airport/highway, etc. Any person with a suspicious condition will be quarantined immediately and treated by experienced doctors.
• The New Year holiday was extended to February 3.

While our minds and hearts are with the patients and people quarantined in Wuhan, a city about 1,000 km away from Qingdao, there is little effect on our daily activities in our city.

However, to be on the safe side and to support the government measures, we decided that our factory workers will resume work on February 10, which is one week later than originally planned.

Our office employees are in working mode starting today (Feb. 3) by working from home with our IT support. Our business operation is up and running as usual, and our sales team is ready to communicate with you for business and order status updates.

Our whole team will be back in the office on February 10.

Some production schedules and logistic plans may be affected due to the factory workers’ New Year holiday changes. Your account manager at SinoGlass will be in touch with you if there is a possibility that your shipment will be delayed, and we believe we can find a satisfactory plan if we work together closely.

Since face-to-face visits and meetings may be difficult due to the travel restrictions, we will use our many online resources to ensure that our service will be as satisfactory as always.

With the strong resources allocated by our government and our own individual efforts at self-protection, we have full confidence that the coronavirus situation will not last long!

Conquer we must, and conquer we will!

SinoGlass Team
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