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We're back, and we welcome you once again to the Ambiente fair! After a challenging year, we're here at booth 1.1E16 with our time-tested best sellers plus more new and innovative designs to bring quality products and great value to you and your customers.

Better manufacturing methods mean better products, and one result is a new and improved version of our popular PMP® oil bottle. Much sturdier unibody construction, improved spout design, and easier disassembly for thorough cleaning are some of the striking improvements in this classic oil bottle.

We're particularly proud of our new line of salt/pepper mills and grinders. Not all mills are the same, and ours feature everything you expect from a quality mill, plus ingenious internal features for stability and easy cleaning. With color-coded adjustment knobs for salt and pepper and several styles and finishes, your customers will have plenty of ways to add fashion to their tables and flavor to every meal.

Concern for the environment is on everyone's mind. Wasteful paper and plastic cups are part of the problem, but our EVERYDAY portable beverage glasses are part of the solution. We've created the most versatile glasses available anywhere, and at a price point that will get attention. If you're looking for a practical, stylish and affordable portable beverage glass, you’ll find it here.

You'll have plenty to see and talk about at our booth 1.1E16. And you'll find many ways to enhance your product line and serve your clients in 2020. See you soon!

• Press the large button on top and the excess oil drains back into the bottle.
• The unibody construction of the top half means the silicone press area is secure and permanent.
• A unique spout design give a great flow with no drips.
• The silicone tube extension allows you to get all the oil from the bottom of the jar.
• Every part can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning.You’ll be amazed at how we’ve made a best seller even better.
• New version press-and-measure oil bottle.
• Oil drain button.
• Improved unibody construction.
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The MILLWOOD SERIES has a design you’ll remember, with a modern mechanism for years of use. Available in four sizes and finishes, these quality wooden mills feature a ceramic mechanism that can grind from fine to coarse. For the classic kitchen and a heritage style, the MILLWOOD SERIES is the right choice.
• Classic wood salt/pepper mill.
• Modern ceramic mechanism, rubber ringed adjustment button.
• Four available sizes and finishes.
• Adjustment knob is stainless-steel, white for salt, black for pepper.
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Fresh-ground seasonings add a burst of flavor to your food, and our stylish and sturdy SLIMLINE series of mills feature ceramic mechanisms adjustable from fine to coarse. Made from durable stainless-steel, Woodgrain, and White Marble, and Black Marble finishes are available, along with classic brushed steel. Remove the small knob at the top to fill, turn the same knob to adjust the grind. The ribbed grind wheel is efficient and easy to grip. Available in two sizes 6-inch and 8-inch.
• Stainless-steel construction.
• Ceramic mechanism, rubber ringed adjustment button.
• Adjustment knob is stainless-steel, white for salt, black for pepper.
• Three stylish finishes and two sizes.
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EVERYDAY LITE is the newest version of our popular multi-use beverage glass. All the features of the EVERYDAY, but in a smaller size, are available for your home, office, or commute. Hot or cold, fruit infusion or fresh tea, on your desk or on the go, the EVERYDAY LITE is simple and quick, with a wide range of available colors and a large rubber or cork grip. A quick flip opens the lid, and a snap seals the opening.
• Multi-use beverage glass with filter attachments.
• Easy open, snap to seal.
• Large grip area for comfort and security.
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Hy3 never stands still. This year we've added appealing selections in every category. The new PEARLite thermal bottles with our SafeLOK lids are lightweight and attractive, and our CAMLOCK series of TritanTM bottles are available in new patterns, styles and finishes. From the home to the gym and office, Hy3 has everything you need for healthy hydration.

Our newest Hy3 family member is the PEARLiTE stainless-steel thermal bottle with our unique SafeLOK™ System lid. Push the button up for a secure lock. The spring-assisted lid unlocks with a downward click and opens with one finger, revealing a large drinking area with two silicone seals. Grip the soft-touch finish and remove the top, and the drinking nozzle can be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning. An integrated rear handle is foldable and convenient. The bottle itself is ultra-light and double wall stainless-steel to maintain hot or cold temperatures. Choose from five new colors and two sizes.
The CAMLOCK WAVE+ takes your hydration to the next level. The infuser tube in the WAVE+ is the same BPAfree Tritan™ as the bottle, so you can add any fruit with confidence. The tube is completely removable and has enough capacity to accommodate all your favorite fruits and flavors. Enhance your outdoor adventure with the WAVE+.
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