He sees the girl, but how can he get her attention? Is she nice? Will she hike to the waterfall with him? What’s she drinking, anyway?

She sees the guy, but he seems a little clumsy, dropping his bottle right in the stream. Maybe he needs a little help. Does he really have the same bottle as her?

Our new video, shot on location in State of Oregon, U.S.A., shows that good products are not just “things” in our lives, they are part of our life stories. CAMLOCK WAVE and WAVE+ sport bottles star in what could be a new romance from a chance meeting on a rugged hike. Flowing water and a wild location form the perfect backdrops for new possibilities.

Enjoy our new story, and you’ll see that Hy3 bottles are right for every day and everywhere, even in the wilds of Oregon.

To see our great new CAMLOCK WAVE and WAVE+ sport bottles, visit our booth, 2.1E08-19. We’re always happy to see you.

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