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In the morning, afternoon, or evening, a break for warm and delicious tea is the perfect way to take away some stress and enjoy a conversation. Our TEA FOR TWO Warming Tea Set is elegant and practical, with the added benefit of a stainless steel warmer that holds a tea candle, and a non-drip silicone spout. The stainless steel basket holds all your favorite flavors.

THE SOLO may be a tea server for one, but others will notice. A unique modern twist on the traditional covered cup, THE SOLO is portable, carried in sturdy case that is ready for adventure.

For a more friends, the HYDRO BREW is an ideal teamaker. The large capacity borosilicate glass pitcher holds a long stainless-steel brewing core that is hygienic and easily cleaned.

In every way, the EVERYDAY Multi-Use Beverage Glass is one of the most versatile and practical beverage glasses available. Sturdy glass, multiple color combinations, your choice of a rubber or natural cork band, infusion filter, tea basket, sturdy seal — everything you need for hot, cold, infused drinks, tea, coffee, all prepared for home, office, or commute.

Tea for Two Warming Tea Set
Tea is best served two ways: elegantly and warm. Our TEA FOR TWO is elegant. The borosilicate glass is delicate and beautifully shaped, with all the pieces designed to complement each other. The teapot includes a non-drip spout that keeps drips at bay. Always stylish, the stainless steel warmer adds a modern feel. Use a tea candle to keep the warmth and conversation.
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Portable Tea Server
THE SOLO may be a tea server for one, but it will start a conversation. Traditional tea is often made with fresh leaves in a covered cup, and THE SOLO is a modern variation you can take anywhere. Put some leaves in the server, add hot water, pour the fresh tea into the glass cup, drink and repeat. Clean it, pack it in the sturdy case, and carry it to the next conversation.
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Hydro Brew Tea Maker
Our popular pitcher design gains a new use with a stainless-steel filter core, hygienic and easy to clean. You can entertain a lot of friends with warm and delicious tea, served elegantly and well.
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Morning fresh juicer infuser
Simple, quick, multi-use -- EVERYDAY is great for home, commute, or in the office. The strainer in the lid means you can make a quick fruit infusion drink, or you can attach a stainless-steel filter screen. The large rubber grip / natural cork lets you enjoy a hot drink in comfort. A quick flip opens the lid, and a snap seals the opening.
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Outside may be cool, but after your vigorous activity a refreshing infused fruit drink from the Hy3 CAMLOCK WAVE+ will quench your thirst and hydrate your body. Available in new colors, the WAVE+ features a fruit infusion tube that will hold your favorite flavors and is easy to empty and clean. The WAVE design provides a sturdy grip. Hy3 uses only BPA-free TritanTM plastic for your health. Exercise … hydrate!

Camlock water bottle with fruit infuser
Clean refreshment for your active day is a specialty of the CAMLOCK WAVE PLUS. Our newest 750ml bottle features a wave design that is easy to hold, wet or dry. Accurate measurements on the side gets the proportions correct. The infuser tube is the same BPA-free TritanTM as the bottle, so you can add your favorite fruit with confidence. The CAMLOCK is famous for something else – it doesn’t leak.
Camlock Statements
When simple is too simple, the Camlock STATEMENTS Series can say what you think. Available in BPA-free Tritan™, the 750ml hydration bottle gives you a choice of six bold patterns to express your mood and brighten your day. The easy-use Camlock lid adds just the right touch of casual to your STATEMENTS.
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